IronHorse Surveys LLC offers client companies customized survey design and hosting capabilities, as well as the opportunity to measure actual recruitment performance against national best practice benchmarks established by ongoing Scott Resource Group studies.


Company-Specific Surveys
Similar in nature to the customer feedback surveys designed and conducted by Mary Scott as part of her professional consulting practice, IronHorse Surveys are developed in collaboration with client company representatives, to define project scope, objectives and content. Examples of IronHorse survey project capabilities include gathering candid feedback from:

External customers and contacts, such as:
o Candidates recruited by your organization
o Students with offers from your company
o Former interns and/or co-op students
o Career Services staff at key universities

Internal customers and contacts, such as:
o University recruitment team members
o Line managers who hire university graduates
o Current interns and/or co-op students
Your organization's recent hires

Each company-specific IronHorse survey is designed to address the concerns of the client company, and the confidential results and findings are the proprietary property of the sponsoring organization.

Group Projects
IronHorse Surveys LLC offers groups and associations the opportunity to gather information and feedback of interest to the membership via our secure Web servers. Such projects are designed to solicit data from a target audience, and the findings are reported back to the sponsoring group.


In addition to customized assessment tools, IronHorse Surveys offers ongoing opportunities for organizations to measure perceptions of their recruitment execution, as compared with national survey findings regarding students' needs and expectations on a variety of issues. Each year, companies are offered the opportunity to survey their own candidates against the same factors evaluated by the Scott Resource Group nationwide survey student sample.

Companies taking advantage of this product offering receive a comparative report of their organization's performance, benchmarked against the national best practice standards.  For information regarding the current IronHorse Survey benchmarking product offering, please go to: Class of 2004 Comparative Benchmarking Survey.

IronHorse Surveys, LLC